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You are watching Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 in Urdu Episode 1 – GiveMe5. Following the Mongol invasions, Turkic tribes flee from Central Asia and more places. The Kayi tribe, one of the Oghuz Turkic people, settle in Anatolia with two thousand large nomad tents. After getting through a difficult time of famine they determine to migrate to a better place where they can start a new life. Suleyman Shah (Serdar Gökhan) is the leader of the Kayi tribe. Suleyman Shah has four sons, Gündogdu, Sungurtekin, Ertuğrul, and the youngest Dundar. The second brother Sungurtekin was captured by the Mongols and was missing, presumed dead, which Hayme Hatun, his mother, does not believe. His two sons Gündoğdu and Ertuğrul are loyal to him and participate in tribal affairs. Dundar is still not of age to get full participation in tribal affairs.

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