Kurulus Osman Episode 42 With English & Urdu Subtitles – GiveMe5.PK

You are watching Kurulus Osman Season 2 with English & Urdu Subtitles Episode 42 – GiveMe5. Osman’s internal and external struggles and how he establishes and controls the Ottoman Dynasty. It portrays his struggles against Byzantium and the Mongols and how he was able to secure independence from the Sultanate of Rum in order to establish a sovereign state that would stand up to the Byzantine and Mongol Empires and would honor the Turks. The show also gives an insight into the personal lives of the Founding Oghuz Turks and their journey to establishing a sultanate. The character of Osman faces many enemies and traitors in his quest and the show illustrates how he was able to overcome these obstacles and fulfill his mission with the help of his loyal companions, family.

  1. Ajaz ahamd says

    Amazing history and great performance

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  3. Shahid Ali says

    جزاک اللہ for uploading

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